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Shpresa LR offers high-quality skincare products, ensuring perfect care from head to toe. With our products, you can shine without the need for makeup, and through our range, maintain a fresh appearance even as you age. Our product line includes natural facial care with aloe vera, special treatment for troubled skin, an anti-aging series, and a skincare line for men. Here, you will find everything you need to feel completely comfortable with your skin.

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The Natural Dermatologist Your Skin Needs

Aloe vera gel is effective against various skin conditions (psoriasis, acne, neurodermatitis, atopic eczema). Due to its nourishing ability and antioxidant properties, it prevents damage to cells and aids in the healing of already damaged ones.

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Our products are made with the finest natural ingredients.


LR Aloe Vera with valuable ingredients made by Lr Health & Beauty


You can rely on the quality of our products. To deliver this promise, it is natural for us to invest in science and research.

Guido Maria

Choose your fragrance from our outstanding perfume collection.

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Nanogold 2in1 Eye Cream & Mask

The best treatment for wrinkles under the eyes.

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Milk and Honey Care Set

Everything you need for a relaxing experience with the care of Milk and Honey.

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Zeitgard Pro Skin Care Set

Let’s stop time with our salon-level care system!

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